Where Have We Come From? A quick word from our founder.

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening at whichever time you may be reading this. Welcome to EventHires website.

You could well not want to read this and if so, and your looking for the start of the website click here to head to the homepage. However I only would like a minute of your time.

Will's favourite quote & mantra

"Honest Business Is Good Business"

Where have we come from? We haven't really suddenly appeared from nowhere, we have evolved so to speak. We are our own entity however work hand in hand with Smart Candle. It essentially started whilst doing some market research, however we couldn't find the information we wanted readily available.

Why are we here?

We believe that we can utilise our strong industry experience, contacts and exceptional customer service practices to offer high quality decor hire and props including all things electronic candles and lighting, for a more reasonable price with better quality than elsewhere.

Why should I work with you?

Clients who have worked with Will and any of his teams will testify that the levels of customer service and product offered by Will and his teams (with his previous work at Smart Candle) is the very best you can find.

We will go above and beyond to make sure you have what you would like for your event. Click here to have a look at some of the client reviews here. However we will make certain that the value for money is better than elsewhere. You can see all pricing listed on our website, unlike others 🤭 - if you would like a quote please do just contact us and we'll get it back to you 99% of the time - same day.

What are you currently offering?

You have probably come looking to hire decorations for a wedding or event hire props, or something in the realm of hire of equipment for events. We can help.

You will note we have at this point a strong offering of hire electronic led candles or alternatively known as flameless candles. This is through our partnership with Smart Candle. However our range will continue to expand in all areas. With this said if you would like us to find an item you require - just contact us, we can do this. Click here to contact us.

All that is left to be said is we hope we have the pleasure of working with you soon and we wish you a Happy Christmas (as I write this)