About EventHires

Where Did We Come From?

Event Hires Global Ltd was born out of a belief that the events industry can be provided with high quality items at a [more] reasonable price - and with more value than is currently being offered elsewhere. After being around this particular industry for a considerable time - we know that there is more to offer to clients than is currently being offered by way of service and price, and we'll say quality of range to.

Will Cowley (Founder) has prior experience in working with the events sector and has previous experience in high end hospitality, having worked for a number of years in the gastropub sector. Anyone who has worked with Will and one of his teams, will understand what we mean when we say "outstanding service" - it really is a very different service to anyone or anything else.


Along with Will's work with Smart Candle across a considerable number of years - we believe there is opportunity to bring all of this pooled knowledge, experience and industry contacts together, in order to offer a range that you can have trust and confidence in.

At this point the range offered is scaled down however we look to expand quickly, have plans already in the works, and have the capacity in which to do so.

How & Why Are We Different?

  • Honest Business Is Good Business


  • Nothing is too much - as much as this is a business this is  first and foremost our pride and our reputation. We have experience with working with the best and we know what it takes to be the best.

  • 1-5 Day Rate. We are flexible and not governed by red tape. We will work around you and come to the most mutually agreeable option that works for you. 1-3 day hires, then a week rate or 20% extra per day are history. Just contact us for a quote and we'll make sure it's better than the rest.

  • We will give back. We want more than just a transaction. We would like to forge a relationship and collaborative approach and strongly value loyalty. Hence why we have offered a discount when you join us as a free member.

  • We won't charge premiums just because it's only a week before the hire - no chance. Even if you want to hire the goods tomorrow or today we will do our level best to facilitate this.

  • No deposits. That may seem reckless - but business is a two way trust process. We trust in our clients and they trust in us. Honest business is good business.

  • We won't charge unfair damage/loss fees. Obviously we have to cover losses and damages, but we have seen some of the charges from others - and WOW is all we can say. This won't happen here. Hire without worry.

  • We are simply different. Under promise and over deliver. Our business is more than our products, it is also our people.

Guiding Values and Principals

We are committed to providing a great range of quality products and outstanding service - but at reasonable prices. We believe there to be far more value available for EventHires clients.


We are more than just a supplier of hire products and services, We aim to become trusted partners that collaboratively work together to achieve the very best end result possible.

We understand the events and hospitality industry. We appreciate that everything has to be absolutely right - we will go to any lengths to ensure you get what you want, when you want it. This includes bespoke work.

We strongly believe in the value that - Honest Business Is Good Business. Ultimately we are all working together to one end goal. We all have our own little part to put in to achieve this.


Will Cowley - Founder

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